Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Cheating is more often than not inevitable due to misunderstanding or rather, complication in a relationship between couples. When one experiences a cheating partner, it could imply that their present relationship must have been unhealthy and complicated.
What then are the reasons why your partner cheats? Is it the last resort when both parties are already fed up with each other?
Cheating is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship.
The people who have cheating partners and couples who are undergoing relationship problems.
Here are some of the reasons why cheating spouses cheat. All relationship problems apply to all couples living together.
The common issue about people having cheating spouses is, at first, usually accidental. Most people do not want to cheat with their partners despite having relationship problems.
An empty feeling in the relationship - This happens a lot in many relationships on a regular basis. Often when it has been several years into the relationship one of the partners starts feeling that there is nothing much left in it. Due to this they often end up as cheating partners, leading to relationship problems.
 Constant arguments - This is another major reason why people end up cheating on their loved ones. When couples always argue it tends to disturb their peace of mind. Humans have a tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain by cheating. To take emotional revenge, one or both ends up as cheating partners.
Cheating also occurs when people fail to give their relationships priority by not exerting more time on their partner. Another major reason is the failure to understand the issues right from the start that led to infidelity.
Cheating often happens in many marital relationships. Communication is one of the most problematic issues. For some reason, partners get little time to talk about feelings with each other, particularly negative ones. In some relationships, partners are not even allowed to share unhappiness.
Remember, "Communication is the key to a successful relationship."